Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Beautiful Bedroom Inspiration

One of my favorite feelings is walking into my bedroom for an afternoon nap (unfortunately this doesn't happen very often) to see that I've made the bed beautifully and everything is arranged just so.  Okay, so maybe it's not as chic as these bedrooms below (fiance's "home office") is in our bedroom...

via Adore Home Mag
via Southern Living
via Covet Garden

BUT no matter how gorgeous the bedding and how beautiful the room is looking, once I lay down on the mattress I'm a little disappointed.  It's on the old, small, and firm side for me.  Mattress shopping is daunting though, so it always helps to do your research on how a mattress company manufactures their product.  Once thing I am realizing when doing my research though, is that materials and craftsmanship matter.

Of the two mattresses below, I'm sure you can tell which is going to give you a better nights sleep and be more durable.
The natural luxury mattress of wool, horsehair and coir? (Above: Mattress from 1907 )

Or a standard mattress of foam? (Mattress from Ikea)

Another really, really important factor for me is the sustainability practices a company uses, and this is what makes a product really worth the extra cost for me.  Look for company policies like those of 1907  this:

- Selecting locally sourced materials
- Using renewable and biodegradable sources
- Any plastic used is recyclable, and waste appropriately recycled.

So, even though a beautiful, glamorous bedroom may not showcase a mattress.  A beautiful, glamorous and restful bedroom does!

disclosure* this post in partnership with 1907


Anonymous said...

The horsehair creeps me out. I know that sheep can be shorn for wool but horse hair? How is that harvested?

I love my Select Comfort.

Jill Seidner | Interior Design said...

Pretty bedrooms! (And a reminder I am due for a new mattress!)

Erynn said...

Love these bedrooms! Phoebe Howard's pink bedroom is actually from Southern Living, not the one you credited!

ashley@decorologyblog said...

To the first commenter, I always wondered this myself, the hair comes from the mane and tail.

ashley@decorologyblog said...

@Erynn - Thanks for catching that! I'm fixing it right now~


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