Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Unusual and fun ways to add a little flair and personality to your home

It's tempting to always play it safe when decorating your home - I know I will try something a bit off-beat, but then doubt myself and try something more traditional. And while safe can be beautiful, it doesn't usually have that "WOW" factor. Here are a few ideas, some drastic, some not, for getting a reaction when people step inside your home...

We've all seen or used our own fridges to showcase photos, but how about covering the ENTIRE fridge in photos that make you smile?  Especially when contrasted with the super sleek lines of this kitchen, I think it looks pretty cool!

Hang something BIG not typically used as art in an artistic way.  Lying in a rubbish pile you may not see the potential of a worn plank of wood, but hang it like an expensive piece of art and it can make a beautiful impact (at low cost).

Use one oversized print in an oversized way!  This sofa is beautiful, but would I ever have the guts to put it in my home?  I don't know... maybe if you're nervous, try a big print in just one or two colors... 

You've seen inspiration boards, well how about an inspiration WALL?  Love it.

Fancy yourself a wordsmith?  Chalkboard paint a piece of furniture otherwise in need of TLC, and practice your craft!  This would be helpful anywhere you need to make a lot of notes, too.

Put your furniture on diagonals.  This may sound weird, but I think furniture placed diagonally can really add movement to a space, and open it up and add a welcoming feeling.  Maybe start by just putting your bed at a diagonal in the far corner of your bedroom?

So, what do you think?  Any of these you love? hate? tried before?

1. Interiors Porn 2. Covet Garden 3. Home Spun Style 4. Interiors Porn 5. Sweet Home Style 6. Small Space Style


Squeak said...

I'd rather live and decorate in a way that makes me happy and comfortable than provoke a "Wow" reaction from visitors to my home. I don't need to show off.

eead3 said...

Great Ideas and inspiring to get out of our comfort zone! :)
I don't agree that wanting a 'Wow' reaction from a friends/family (who are our visitors) is showing off. It's inspiring to others, a great conversation starter and just plain fun!

mikky said...

I love the photo covered fridge and that floral couch.


Jane said...

Hate, hate, hate the chalkboard stuff. Why invite dust into your home.

Inspiration boards - well, I guess you can tell how random people's thoughts are. If you have a board with hundreds of things on it, how do you see any of it to be inspired?


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