Monday, December 10, 2012

Gorgeous Christmas Decor Inspiration

Is it just me, or was there no real "lead up" to Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I feel like Thanksgiving just popped up out of nowhere, and now I can't believe Christmas is so close.  I guess time just goes by faster, but I'm feeling so behind with my Christmas shopping and decorating!

I tend to go for more subtle holiday decor, dramatic singular springs, etc.

What do you think about the lit branches used in this space?

Just one gorgeous and dramatic wreath makes a lot of impact.

LOVE these driftwood ornaments dipped in metallic silver paint!

Are you prepared for Christmas this year, or will it be a mad scramble til the end?

1. West Elm, 2. Crate and Barrel, 3.,4.,5. Rue Magazine, 6.,7. Sweet Paul


Erin Elizabeth said...

Love that smokey blue room with gold accents! It reminds me of my sunroom (painted BM Smoke) - this room inspires me to get some gold accents!

Chic & Dec├│ said...

La primera imagen es preciosa, con una mezcla perfecta entre lo elegante y lo ├ętnico.Bss.

dorothee said...

Beautiful indoor wreath. Would have not thought of putting one indoor!


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