Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A guest post from Summerhouse featuring a modern and chic bedroom

Welcome to Summerhouse! I'm so excited to feature this guest post from the talented folks over at Summerhouse.  They create chic, modern, and timeless spaces that I'm sure you'll love! Enjoy their post below:

Hello, Decorology readers! We are so honored to have been given the opportunity to do a guest post for this beautiful blog today! We think Ashley does a pretty phenomenal job of curating a library of lovely images and we're honored to be a part! (Be sure to check out her guest post on our blog when you have a chance!)

Today, we wanted to share a really fun project that our lead designer, Lisa Palmer, just completed. This room is for a beautiful little girl in our hometown of Ridgeland, Mississippi named Avery who was in need of a "big girl room!"

Design by SummerHouse

Avery’s mom, Kristen, told Lisa that she wanted a room Avery could grow into, so Lisa created just that! Lisa says, “I had a blank slate, really. I knew she wanted ‘big girl,’ fun, and Avery is such a girly girl but yet a modern little girl. The rest of their house has a classic modern aesthetic so I knew I wanted to go full on modern in this space.”

Design by SummerHouse

Design by SummerHouse

"Every girl loves pink so that directed our color palette. And the client fell in love with the gray and ivory graphic carpet from Stark that I showed her so that gave us our base," says Lisa.
The main thing that makes this space so outstanding is the detail. Lisa pays very close attention to detail, and loves adding interest in unexpected places. ”I love doing something special on headboard walls so we took the gray and ivory from the carpet and striped the back wall for interest,” she says. “And at the foot of the beds, we used a shaggy wool Flokati rug and made it into benches with sleek acrylic legs.”

Design by SummerHouse

Design by SummerHouse

Avery and her parents love this new room and plan to keep it as is for years and years to come. See what a worthwhile investment great design is?!

Design by SummerHouse

For more projects by Lisa and other SummerHouse designers, and to see our beautiful showroom in Ridgeland, Mississippi, be sure to check out our website! And don't forget to take a peek at Ashley's guest post for our blog, which you can get to here!


Almalé said...

so beautiful!:)


Jenna at Homeslice said...

I love the art in the second picture! And that specific shade of blue is really great. What a fun room. Hey just FYI- I have a giveaway happening on my blog this week- $200 to Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn, or West Elm. Just passing the word along to some of my favorite blogs!


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