Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Victory Ford's casual chic apartment in Lipstick Jungle

I don't know if you guys remember the show Lipstick Jungle from a few years back.  It was written by the same author of Sex and the City, but Lipstick Jungle only ran for two seasons I think.  I watched it on DVD awhile ago with some girlfriends and my favorite part of the show was the character Victory Ford's apartment.  They changed it a bit throughout the show, but it was always a pretty and chic space.

See below

This shot is the apartment in the second episode.  Notice the green room behind them, and the blue room behind that one.  In following episodes, the green room becomes the kitchen, painted light blue, and the room behind that one becomes Victory's design studio (she's a fashion designer in the show).

I really love the colors in the apartment.  There are a lot of combinations I would never think of, but once you see them you're like..."wow - that really works!"

Victory is now in the kitchen, which used to be the green room that you see in the first image. 

Looking from the kitchen, into the living room.
Another shot from the kitchen, looking into the living room.  Love the casual kitchen cart.

The two shots above are from the living room looking into the kitchen.  Her studio/workspace is behind them.

Victory's home studio, which we don't see too much of.

 I have a serious crush on her throw blanket.

 More of the living room..the two shots above were "night time" shots, so I had to really up the brightness so you can see details.

Some detail shots.  I think they subdued the purple in the living room after the first episode.

What do you think of the space?

All images from Lipstick Jungle Season 1, episodes 1 and 2.  © Universal Pictures Studios


Jill Seidner | Interior Design said...

LOVE this - and remember the show! Thanks for sharing!

E said...

What is this show, and where can I see all the episodes? It must have been on HBO or something. It looks like a show I would love. E

ashley@decorology said...

@E - it was on NBC. It's no longer airing, but I think you can still watch episodes online.

Kassie Strano said...

I very much loved all aspects of design on this show. I have no idea why they cut it - I thought it was great!

catherine said...

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Jessica said...

I forgot all about this show! I like the purple walls - not something I see much of.

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Debra Green said...

I loved this show and Cashmere mafia even more, I have them both on DVD, I loved the clothes and decor so much and the fact that both shot in NY well that was the cherry on the cupcake for me!

Erin said...

I used to LOVE that show! I bought both seasons and was totally bummed out when I heard it was being cancelled. Thanks for letting me relive it again...think I'll break out those DVD's tonight :) If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest posts!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely loved these pics and i was crazy about the show and characters....i never understood why they didn't give it more of a chance. I truly miss the show and loved it even more than Sex in the City. And since Victory was my favorite character because i loved loved her chic style and her apartment...i adapted one of my rooms to her style. Geez i wish they would bring it back! it's right up there with my brownies ,jazz,Pride&Prejudice and green tea!Thanks for memories!


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