Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ultra luxe, super glamorous spaces

These rooms are truly some of the most luxe, glamorous spaces I've seen.  If you are a girly-girl, love the feeling of satin and velvet on your skin, and don't shy away from drama - these will definitely speak to you!

Amazing mirror, fab wallpaper.  A mix of textures keeps monochrome interiors from feeling flat.

White, black, and shiny surfaces (check out the ceiling!) is instant drama

...even the rug has sparkles...

While I appreciate the beauty of this dining room, I couldn't live life without pets and children :)

Love the floor!

Could you live in these spaces?  What ideas could you take from them and incorporate in your living space?

All images from Dyfari Interiors


Erika @ ~TiptoeButterfly~ said...

TDF rooms! - i actually have bits and pieces of those rooms in my house :o)

KJ said...

I do not like most of these.

I like the ceiling you pointed out.

I love the big mirror in the bedroom.

Elizabeth Johnson said...

I would love to see these interiors live :)
How do you think??
Would this armchair suit it? :)

Amanda Fernandes said...

I love all the rooms they are outstanding! You did an amazing job :)

Tim Aldiss said...

The mirror and wallpaper combination is to die for!


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