Friday, July 6, 2012

Tour an amazing Georgian Revival home...

This home in Somerset Co., NJ is the home of John Dransfield and Geoffrey Ross. The gorgeous Georgian Revival is full of interesting furniture, history, and top-notch style.

You can tell the home is full of character just from the outside.

The first of two grand foyers.  "The home was designed in 1929 by prominent NY architect A. Musgrave Hyde as a shared residence for two sisters." - Lonny Mag

I don't think that bed would look bad anywhere.

I love the faux Persian rug in the master bath.  It's water resistant canvas by Dransfield and Ross.  If you're talented with a brush, it could be a rewarding DIY project using a canvas dropcloth.

Does anyone know what that plant is?

 The guest bedroom is bohemian and elegant

Another foyer

What do you think?

Read and see more in the June/July 2012 Lonny Mag.

10 comments: said...

It's a fabulous home! I think the plant is an Asparagus Fern...I use them in arrangements all the time.

Aurora said...

It IS a type of asparagus fern--but if you Google "asparagus fern" you'll be more likely to come up with asparagus sprengerii or plumosa, than this little guy--which is commonly known as a "Ming Fern". (Also, apparently, "Dill Fern"--although I see "Ming" more often. :)

It's easy to grow, (as are the other two asparagus ferns I mentioned), grows REALLY fast, and has sharp thorns that you have to be careful of. It doesn't tolerate neglect very well, but if you're regular with watering it, it's lovely.

It is, however, harder to find than some of the other asparagus ferns...ALTHOUGH--Cowboyflowerman on eBay, of Secret Garden Rare Plants had some for sale, last week. (I would know--I bought several!) (That one looks a bit faded in color--the green in the photos you've posted are more accurate. It's a very, very, pretty and airy plant. :))

Tricia Rose said...

I was feeling so clever identifying your plant as an asparagus fern, but I see I'm late to the party. Still, what a place to have a party (and I love the idea of a house designed to be shared in this way, separate but equal).

Kathleen said...

i love the look! definitely something i would want for myself.

Aga said...

Beautiful and thank you for posting it :]

Sarah Carter said...

Love the house and all the clean and luxurious details!
The mirrors are amazing and the hall, too.

Take a look at this one:

Do you like it? Or is it too much?

ashley@decorology said...

@Aurora and Tricia Rose - THANK YOU! I will definitely be purchasing one of these lovely little plants :)

Steph said...

It's Ming Fern if you want to be precise! (A type of asparagus fern) I'm a florist and use it all the time.
It's quite spindily in the pic, but grows quite compact in the hot houses. If the leaves (little spikes) get wet they turn brittle and drop all over the place like a green snowstorm!

Steph said...

Ooopps, should have read the other comments first..... :/

ashley@decorology said...

@Steph - no problem :) Thanks for the info!


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