Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dreamy outdoor weddings

It seems like I've hit the age where all of my friends are having weddings, or at least attending a lot of other friend's weddings.  One couple I know have at least 5 they are attending this summer, and I will be attending 3.  I can't lie that it is fun to imagine how I would decorate an outdoor wedding.

How romantic is this?  It can also be done easily and with a small budget.  Personally, I think the money involved in weddings has gotten so out of hand, I always have more fun at weddings that feel more like small, intimate parties.
image above via Sweet Home Style

I would definitely love a barn wedding!

2 images above via Style Me Pretty

This dress is so simple and sweet!
via Ivy and Aster

I do have a soft spot for full, luscious flowers...
image above via Smitten

Another look that's inexpensive to achieve.
image above via Style Me Pretty

Quaint and intimate, but still very pretty...

2 images above via Heart Home Magazine

Have you ever been to (or had) an outdoor or barn wedding?  What inspiration or ideas did you take away from it?


sheila said...

Love the outdoor wedding , beautiful pictures and couple

Erin said...

I think it would make me too nervous to have an outdoor wedding. I got married in February in WI so obviously out of the question but they sure are beautiful! I love to create dream weddings that I would be too nervous to have on Pinterest. What better place right? :)



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