Monday, July 23, 2012

Brighten up your Monday - some uplifting, cheerful rooms

It's hard to feel cheerful with all that's going on in the country and the world, so you may have to make an extra effort to be grateful for the gifts in our lives, I'm hoping these rooms put a smile on your face and remind you of the most important part of any home: family.

The colors here are so gorgeous.

possibly my dream kitchen!

great way to keep your fireplace during summer

A quirky canopy bed.

all images via BHG


Anonymous said...

Nice decorations. I love it.Can you show me some designs? Thanks.

Dorothee said...

unfortunately I am renting a flat and cannot do any of this at home! possibly a dream kitchen for me as well... but where do people live to afford so much space?!!

ashley@decorology said...

@Dorothee - I rent too and my options are limited...I'm assuming one has to move far from the city to get this much space!

Honey said...


Does anyone know the name of the company who makes those bird lamps?


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