Thursday, March 29, 2012

When life gets hectic, it's the little things..

Phew...sorry for the neglect this week! I have a lot of major deadlines this average bedtime the past two weeks has been 3 AM. Anyway, I figured I'd take time today to post some eye candy, not only to inspire you, but also to give me a much needed break from my current projects. Here are some little (and big) pleasures to indulge in if you can...

a peaceful soak

a meal enjoyed without TV and catching up with those you live with but don't necessary get to talk to everyday!

A beautiful place to read...

The piece you've had your eye on for ages and finally get to bring home

Little details that make life beautiful

What makes your life beautiful?

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Tricia Rose said...

What makes my life beautiful? Every meal we can, we eat out on the deck. Not only is it a 'getaway', but it keeps down the crumbs!

Also we avoid advertisements - no tv, just movies or chosen streaming programmes, and no print, newspapers or magazines. Very tranquil.

Sara said...

I just planted flowers in the yard of our new house. Cutting a few stems and adding some color to each room not only makes me happy- it reminds me of how proud I am to have my first house and garden!

Trendy Karen said...

I like the second to the last photo. It reminds me of our living room color in our old house. Earlier today, we had also the same design for our new house, the one that I featured at The Islands by Vista Land post.

Thanks for sharing.

The Vintique Object said...

Everyone understands that sometimes life gets in the way. I am admittedly SUCH a sucker for the pretty packaging, like the Bonnie's Jams you showed. Hope things ease up a bit for you.

ashley@decorologyblog said...

@Tricia Rose - I love your idea of avoiding ads! I've been trying to keep the amount of violent/sad shows I watch to a minimum. That leaves very little!


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