Monday, February 27, 2012

Not to be missed: A feminine glamorous apartment in a historic art noveau building

This dream apartment belongs to decorator and TV presenter Ana Antunes, and is located in Chiado, Lisbon's fashion district. I feel like this apartment speaks to the girly girl in all of us who wants to feel luxurious and pampered in every room of your house. Tiffany blues, mirrored furnishings, pastels, and opulent decor are found throughout this stunning space.

The deep, tall windows in this room are to-die-for.

If you couldn't tell, Ana loves all things Tiffany blue.

I always try to use decor that has special meaning to me, just like Ana has showcased one of her mother's paintings here.

So true and so simple "Always believe your instincts and emotions.  If you love something a lot, stick with it because you won't get tired of it easily"

I've made the mistake of really liking something "of the moment."  Even though I might sincerely like the look, I don't always wait to see if I like it for an extended period, enough to make the commitment to it in my home.

Love all the artwork throughout her home.

What do you think of Ana''s home?

via Adore Home Mag


Anya adores said...

WOW love the Tiffany blues and her stylish tips :) great post.
Have a great day,Axox

Anonymous said...

Love all of it :-)

Gingers Dollhouses said...

so pretty..

may said...

so elegant modern house! It is the style of I like!

P. said...

This place IS gorgeous. Makes me wonder how I can have a place so beautiful but that my boyfriend will like as well. Different colors?


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