Friday, February 17, 2012

Modern Bathroom Inspiration

A bathroom redo is not in my future anytime soon, but if I could pick only one room to do a redo, it would be hard for me not to choose my bathroom. (It is small and outdated…) I’m sure there are other rooms that would be more practical to update, but nothing helps me unwind like a hot bath. In fact, if I want to relax, my go-to method is to fill up the tub with hot water, add some salts and oil, and grab my bath pillow. I bring in whatever book I’m reading and enjoy it by candlelight. It’s heaven – even if only for 15 minutes.

via BHG

 I tend to go for the standard white gloss bathroom furniture, because I love a bright, shiny, and clean looking bathroom. My priority would be a gorgeous freestanding tub, deep enough for me to completely submerge.

oh lala! Either of these would be more than sufficient.

 I’ve also always liked the look “bowl sinks.” I’m not sure what else to call them…

Does anyone have a sink like this? Do you like it? I’ve always wondered if they are still comfortable for washing your face, easy to clean, etc. Here are some other bathrooms I would love to have...

so gorgeous!

How about you, do you lean towards classic white bathroom suites, or do you like to bring in other textures and/or colors (stone, wood, colored tiles, etc.) ?

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JanMary @ said...

I love free standing bath, and finally got my dream modern white bathroom with a VERY comfy bath for long hot soaks.

Tatiana Doria said...

Redoing a bathroom really gives a better life quality!!!
Any of the ones you show would fit me!

ashbsmiley said...

i would steer away from those sinks and go with something that is under mounted, much easier to clean & maintain! the bowls that sit up on the counter collect water and debris at their base.

Carol@TheDesignPages said...

I love the standard white bathroom with calcutta marble counters and white and black penny tile on the floor. Heavenly goodness!

M.Kate said...

I love 'bowl sink' and recently re decorated my bathroon. I went for all white and dark 'wood' like tiles. with our hot weather here, tiles is the best option. I have a square bowl sink, inspired by my grandmother's butcher sink and i like it not so small and deep. White too is a fav decor colour of mine since these past few years. tks for sharing :)


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