Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A fresh, light and airy house tour that totally has me craving spring!

Even though the winter here in Maryland has been mild, I feel like we really haven't been getting much sunshine. This morning there was a fleeting 10 minutes of bright sunshine coming in my bedroom window, so I just stood there soaking in the light and heat while I could get it. It was nice to feel a little perked up for a while, and apartments like this one give me the same feeling of spring, when things are first starting to brighten up and you can smell spring in the air.

Now that my curtains are finished - I'm thinking of slip covering my couch in a lighter fabric like this.  I love the easy look of it.

Like my apartment, which is a one bedroom, the living room also serves as a dining nook and home office.

A white chair and clean-lined Parsons desk helps integrate the office space into the living space

How could pretty pink flowers not make you think of spring?!?

The more I see simple white linens, the more I want them.

What do you think, is this space too sparse and white for you, or could you feel right at home here?

via Rue mag


Candi @ min hus said...

Definitely not too white or too sparse to me. This feels fresh and cosy to me. Lovely!

I have a simple white duvet cover and pillows and love them.

Whitney Kaye said...

I fell in love with this apartment as well. My bedding is just like hers because I love a clean crisp bedroom, but for the rest of my apartment I like color.


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