Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A small and recently renovated starter home with loads of chic

Keeping the walls monochrome adds airiness to the home, therefore making the space feel larger.

I love the mix of pattern between the rug and the curtains.

If you look carefully in the picture above, behind the mirror there is a bump in the wall that they couldn't alter during the renovation.  So to distract from it they covered it with an interesting mirror and light fixture.

Two task lights substitute for an oven hood light.  I haven't decided how I feel about this yet.  You?

I think I've shown this bedroom before.  But I absolutely love it!  The yellow coverlet with the gray walls is unexpected but still elegant.

Since the bathroom is small, the owners weren't afraid to go bold and cheery with a lemon yellow wall paint.

via BHG


Carol@TheDesignPages said...

I adore this home. All the quirky and interesting touches make it a dream home. I wish my starter home had been as chic!

Allie & Chris said...

hey girl! i love your work!

follow my new blog, if you wish of course....



Anna@MyDesignEthos said...

What a great place. Can't wait to get my 'starter home' looking this good. Although I have to say, some of these furniture pieces don't look too budget-friendly! Love that bedroom especially :)

Anonymous said...

I could NEVER live in this house. Might be good for a woman.

bevy said...

what a great space! I really like the kitchen. it's a great example of a real size kitchen that most of us have in our homes.


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