Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A great book for all my girly girls out there

The aptly titled "Hers," by Jacqueline deMontravel is a treasure trove of inspiration and ideas to feminize your space, no matter what your style.   The book starts off with the "queen" of all feminine rooms, the bedroom.  The bedroom section was definitely may favorite, and helps you narrow down colors, details, fabrics, and layering.

I love this bedroom, and the balance between masculine and feminine. I'm also crazy about the delicate lace trimmed sheet paired with the chocolate brown coverlet. Perfect.

Like I said before, this book isn't just about glitzy glam rooms.  It doesn't matter what your style, you can still apply the suggested methods.

The bedroom section was my favorite, but the book also covers other rooms in other chapters, like home offices, outside spaces, creating your own personal space, accommodating guests, and accessorizing. 

If this book sounds like just the motivation you've been needing for your home, you can buy it online here.


Jenna at Homeslice said...

What beautiful images, I like that most of them aren't completely feminine- there's just enough to get a good mix of masculine and feminine. Looks like a great read!

carol said...

I love that well worn well loved look -


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