Thursday, January 12, 2012

Beautiful and small: spaces to inspire small-space dwellers

This kitchen is too cute! Lots of cabinetry, and a space-saving pegboard add storage space.  Checkout out the kitchen pegboard organizer I made.

I've always loved this idea:  Install a shelf in a window (preferably glass, to let the light through), and you can grow some herbs, or have extra display space.
2 above via Small Space Style

This kitchen is small, but functional and pretty.

If you live small, you've got to think vertically when it comes to storage.  No room for nightstands doesn't mean you have to go without the convenience of a place to put a lamp a clock, and some accessories.  This shelf does the trick just fine.  Check out my small space solution to nightstands in my former Brooklyn apartment.

Clear and glass furniture don't take up a lot of visual space since you can see through them.

Mirrors are an old and good trick for making a space seem larger.  I always place mirrors across from the main light source in a room, usually the window, so they reflect the light and also make the space brighter.

6 images above via BHG


Jenna at Homeslice said...

putting a shelf in a deep window is a great trick! I've never really thought about that one!

bevy said...

great ideas and inspiration. thanks for sharing, as most of us don't live in mega mansions, haha.

Aurora said...

I was so excited to see the glass shelf in the window--I thought I was the only one who'd ever thought of doing that! :)

I lived for about 12 years in a tiny, 1st floor 486 sq ft one bedroom corner apartment in Boston, with, remarkably, 6 windows...and I put brackets for three glass shelves in each one--and then filled the glass shelves with ornaments and plants--with bushier plants at "body height", so that I never needed to use curtains or close my blinds--and I always had beautiful, patterned light coming in to my apartment.

I had over 187 plants in that tiny space--the majority right in those 6 windows, and can't recommend a solution like that enough for anyone in a tiny space. :) (Windows don't need to be deep, either--mine weren't. I had glass cut for me (it's quite inexpensive!) that was just four and five inches deep--and just let it stick out a bit from the windows.)

(I recommend using plants with interesting silhouettes and a mixture of fluffy and airy plants with harder, more masculine plant shapes--and don't forget to use plants that drip dangle, too! String of hearts, string of pearls, asparagus fern, maidenhair fern, orchids, goldsfish plants, begonias...mix them up with teeny little pots of mini-African violets, for color--and then toss in some colored antique glass objects, and you've got beautiful "living" curtains, without losing your light. :))

Other great options for small spaces include antique furniture (it's cheaper than most new furniture, and it's smaller--because people were smaller then), and if you can find a local place that makes inexpensive pine furniture to your specifications, (Maverick Design / Boston Wood in Boston does this, for instance), you can have things like a desk, a bed, bookshelves, etc, designed to EXACTLY fit your space--without breaking the bank. Just get yourself a sander, and some staining supplies, and sand and stain your new furniture right inside your apartment--four coats of water-based stain, all sanded down between coats--will look gorgeous and lush...and no one will know it's just cheap pine, unless you tell them. AND it will maximize your space, and still be way cheaper than new. :)

ashley@decorology said...

@Aurora, Thanks for your amazing comment! Your 1 bedroom sounds like a little slice of paradise! Also love your tip on sanding/staining antiques!

Chic & Decó said...

Que bonitos espacios!!! Me quedo con el baño.Besos.

Katja said...

Can anyone tell me where I can get those lovely tiles that look a bit like flowers in the first kitchen picture that contains the pegboard?


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