Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ready or not, Christmas is coming - some easy decorating ideas for those with little time or motivation to decorate for the holidays

I'm a little ashamed to admit that I love other people's Christmas and holiday decorations, but when it comes to putting up my own, I really drag my feet. I let the weeks pass by, and then it just seems too late to bother. If there are any other of you out there like me, here are a few simple decorating ideas, which are easy and quick enough that you won't need to procrastinate.

Love this photo.  See how just a red throw and a pillow gives it a holiday feel?
 (aside from the snow)
via Log Home

You can always just go with a tree.  Because there are no other holiday decorations around, the tree is all the more noticeable, and really takes center stage.

A red flower arrangement or poinsettia can make a big impact on your dining room table.  Keep the other table linens white to really make the red pop.

2 images above via Lonny Mag

Okay, so I know this adorable little shed is all decked-out, but I used it to impact the instant coziness that warm light gives off. Candle light and incandescent lighting from table lamps and sconces, not overhead lighting, give off a warm glow. I know that incandescent lights are not the most energy efficient option - so check out compact fluorescents (CFLs), which give off a light more similar to incandescents than traditional fluorescents, but still give you energy savings.

via Pinterest

Candle light makes the table festive, even without green garlands and red bows.
via Rue Magazine

Simple pops of red turn an everyday room into a holiday decorated room.  A throw, a table runner, a lampshade, or a throw pillow are all accents that can be swapped in on the holidays.

2 images above via Casa Diez

I thought this idea was cute and easy. Take some glass vessels with a wide opening - a large jar, a hurricane, a glass bowl, and fill them with a simple strand of lights (craft stores sell plain strings of lights super cheap), and cluster them together in an arrangement on the table, mantle, or a sideboard.

via Country Living

What do you do to decorate for Christmas or the holiday you celebrate?  Do you procrastinate or go all out once Thanksgiving has come and gone?


All in the Detail said...

So beautiful!
And yes, join the club - we have T-Shirts. Love others' decorations... procrasinate on our own!
I enjoyed all these great ideas and photos.
Thank you so much for sharing!
- Jalon

Anonymous said...

We live in a small house and host Christmas Eve every year but I only put up a decorated fresh Christmas tree by the dinner tables, a few wreaths at the windows, some candles and the children's stockings on the mantel. That's It, Simple stated! These photos are beautiful, love your blog.

Fabulously french said...

Love all the photos especially the one with the snow. I hope that we get snow for Christmas...

Leeann x

Kerry @ Design du Monde said...

You sound like me. I have tons of ideas and then I really don't feel like doing them, "maybe tomorrow." Next thing I know its December 20.
I did decorate though not as much as I imagined.

Kathleen said...

This is so helpful...I'm also struggling with my decorations...hoping to get them done next week....

Igor Josifovic said...

The first and the second pic are the most striking ones for me. I'd love to have such a porch in winter time and after sipping on a mug of hot cocoa return inside into such a cosy and comfy home as seen on pic 2. Lovely!!


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