Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A master bedroom turned into an amazing closet/dressing room

God bless this woman. She convinced her husband to turn their master bedroom into a walk in closet, and the downstairs guest room became their master bedroom.

I'm jealous.

The desk is from ikea - the lamp a thrift find

She stores her jewelry in chef's pinch dishes

The only thing I would have is maybe a vanity in place of the desk

Read all about this mother of all walk-ins at House of Fifty.


Tamsin Allen said...

I'm jealous of the room, yes, but in truth much more jealous of her powers of persuasion!

Radford Design Inc. said...


Meg B. Frank Interiors said...

How amazing!! I wonder if I can convince my husband to do that too!! I feel like there should be a more 'heavy' table in the center of the room with an glitzy chandelier above it.

Interior Design Pro said...

Amazing transformation. Excellent!

Carol@TheDesignPages said...

Hahahaha, I agree with Tamsin. Those are some pretty slick powers of persuasion! Lovely room for sure.

Sarah {Lacquer & Linen} said...

WHAT? A whole bedroom as a closet? Sign me up! I agree with you on replacing the desk with something more functional and maybe with more storage. Although, I suppose if you have a closet the size of a master bedroom you don't really need much additional storage!


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