Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Liveable rooms full of attainable glamor...

This light-filled kitchen stays humble but pretty with simple, classic cabinets, and simple light fixtures.

A dark neutral adds instant elegance

This room is literally brought to life with plants.

I ADORE this bedroom. The bedding adds a lot of glamor, which is kept down-to-earth with a neutral, solid rug.

This room is very mid-century mod, but it doesn't feel overly gimmicky to me.

If you're scared of bold color or pattern - do it in a small space like an entryway or powder room first. I tend to think "big impact" is more interesting in small spaces anyway.

How have you added a little glam to your home while still keeping it liveable and low-maintenance?

via BHG


Jaclyn said...

That wall paper is beautiful. it would be such a happy addition to a room.

drbculp said...

Beautiful rooms. I really love that dining room and that cozy, fresh living room. said...

"Liveable and attainable" are great measures to judge the stuff out there by. But... practicality, comfort, coziness got to be more worthy of attaining than "glamor," no? ;) Thanks for a great post!


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