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Cute HOUSE Overload - the charming medieval homes of Germany's Romantic Road

I thought by now I'd be much further into Chris and my Summer 2010 backpacking trip through Europe - but the Romantic Road tour was on July 22 - so we still have more of Germany, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Holland, Belgium, and France to go... whew.

The "Romantic Road" is a name coined by travel agents, but it is actually a road used by traders in medieval times. It runs through the south of Germany - through the Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg regions. It's call to fame are the quintessential German towns - complete with half-timbered and pastel houses, steeply pitched rooftops, cobblestone streets, and the occasional remains of city walls. You can read about each individual town along the route here.

We took a bus tour, which, I hate to say, was a mistake. We spent about 8 hours on the bus, and saw four towns - the first two for only 20 minutes, and the last two for only 15! We were really disappointed because the short amount of time was just enough to tease us into feeling like we were really missing out. I HIGHLY recommend renting a car to do this - or thoroughly researching the bus company route, or planning to stay in certain towns overnight and pick up the next day's bus.

The four towns we stopped in were Augsburg, Nördlingen, Dinkelsbühl, and Rothenburg ob der Tauber

A map of the Romantic Road
Map via
I've done my best to match up each photo with the correct town - but as you can see, some of them look pretty similar.  If you see a mislabeled photo please let me know and I'll correct it!
We don't have pictures of Augsburg, because the highlight is the Fuggerei, which sadly, we didn't have time to see. 

The below are from Nördlingen
Isn't this the cutest little pistachio-colored house?
Check out the tiny birdhouse at the top of this home

Dinkelsbuhl - this was our favorite of the towns.  It wasn't overly touristy, and all the colored buildings were unlike anything I'd seen

The below is Rothenburg od der Tauber, probably the most popular town along the route.

Pretty amazing stuff, right!?

As always - thanks to my boyfriend Chris for these gorgeous photos.

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UnPocoLoco said...

What a surprise to see my home town on your blog! I´m from Nördlingen! :-) It´s such a cute town and it was great to grow up there.

Now I live in Barcelona but I want to do the Romantic tour by bike maybe next summer.
Kind regards,

wunderkammer said...

What joy to see that you have visited my Baden - Württemberg and that you liked it!
I hope you come back soon and with a little more time.
Viele Grüsse

kelsey said...

I can't believe that you stopped in Dinklesbuhl! I lived there one summer (working in the Rettenmeier Sawmill) and my dear friends live right in town (including Berndt, the Butcher). I believe that it is one of the most enchanting places in the world. I talk about Dinkelsbuhl all the time and people look at me like, "Dinkle- what?" Did you happen to go to the little Italian restaurant right inside the gates? That was one of my favorite spots.

I loved your blog before, but now I have even more of a little German crush. I am from Colorado= far from Germany, but this just warmed my heart today!


Barbara@HausDesign said...

It's such a fairy tale part of Europe! Beautiful photos...

Promosyon said...

I lived there one summer and enjoyed lot. That was last trip from our collage. I live in Barcelona but I want to do the tour by bike maybe next summer.

Carol@TheDesignPages said...

That is unbelievably stunning. It's hard to imagine that anyone could live in such awesome houses but have normal everyday problems. It just looks idyllic and make believe.

marlayna said...

just visiting your blog and saw this post. really struck me because i love germany, lived there a short time, and miss it a lot! are you currently living there or visiting?

ashley@decorology said...

@Marlayna - I visited there briefly summer of 2010. How lucky you got to spend a lot of time there!

ashley@decorology said...

@unpocoloco - do share pics if you do the Romantic road bike tour!

ashley@decorology said...

@Kelsey - Dinklesbuhl will always stick out in our minds from all the cities we say in our 9 weeks traveling around - how wonderful you got to live there for a bit! No, we didn't eat at the Italian restaurant, but we'd love to go back, and I'll keep it in mind

ashley@decorology said...

@wunderkammer - I DEFINITELY plan on returning!


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