Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pale and Interesting - a home with calm and simplicity

There's nothing like moving to a smaller dwelling (which I recently did), to encourage one to purge excess stuff from the home. These photos give a taste of how serene it is to ditch the stuff and go minimalist, but with a rustic twist.

I love worn leather club chairs

that dresser is gorgeous - it definitely doesn't need accessorizing. Same with the chair.

*love that chair - a piece of art in itself

What do you think?  Do you purge your home on a regular basis? Every now and then? Never?

via Pale and Interesting


Tricia Rose said...

I purge constantly - where does it come from?! The battle for order and simplicity is never won.

KJ said...

After having most of my property in storage for a few years I am finding I have too much stuff. I have too much paper, which I am solving by scanning into my PC. I have too many decorative linens, which will go to charity, same with the furniture and baskets. Harder are books, fiestaware, and the many decorative items I might want to use at some unknown point in the future.

Chic & Decó said...

Soy una persona a la que no le gusta acumular cosas, así que aprovecho los cambios de armario, es decir los cambio de estación para hacer limpieza de todo aquello que no quiero. En decoración nunca tengo nada que no use o no me guste.Us abrazo desde Barcelona.

Ophelia said...

I may have to start to purge some things.
I'm loving the rustic aura!

Carol Carneiro said...

Hi! I loved this peace of wood! That's simple and charmous (sorry,I don't know if I wrote correct. I'm brazilian)
Carol Carneiro


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