Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A house tour that oozes comfort, clean design, and individuality

This house tour is coming at you from a BRAND NEW online mag from our stylish friends across the pond, 91 Magazine.  It comes as no surprise that this UK e-glossy is full of charming and lovely crafts, style, inspiring vintage decor, and shopping.

The feature that caught my eye was this fabulous house tour of a Surrey semi-detached abode of a couple and their 3 year-old daughter.  Enjoy!

I like to see a salon-style wall with a lot of different style frames

I love the simple and clean look

Neutral tones keep the space airy

What do you think of 91 Magazine's debut house tour?

via 91 Magazine


the modern sybarite ™ said...

Love the fact it is a relaxed interior yet not overly designed and very classy.

Selena Manchester said...

I've totally fallen in love with your flamingo wall, not to mention the pink roses. You made very decoration in this house count. If I owned this house, I wouldn't ask for anything more. It's perfect.

AsiaK said...

Love your frame collage! Very perfect!


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