Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Help! I need to pick out a color for curtains in my new living room!

So, I moved into my apartment about a month ago - and there is still SO MUCH work to do. Coming up on the list is to make new curtain panels for the patio doors in my living room. My inclination is to go with white and airy - because that is probably my favorite look. However, I also feel like maybe I should explore some other possibilities.

Since I know many of you are super creative and have a great eye - I'm hoping I'll get some fab. suggestions! Also, I'm not adverse to pattern if you have any ideas pattern-wise!

Can't wait to hear what you guys come up with!

Photoshopped "white" curtains...

the two above are taken at night with lamps on.

White in daylight

I've also been liking very light limes and yellows lately...

A light lemony-lime?

daylight lemony-lime

This one below is sort of "meh.." I tend to shy away from darks...but I thought I'd just throw this out there for the heck of it.


Cachou said...

Hi. I have the same kind of colours in my living room and for the curtains, I've chosen "bordeau" (burgundy?)(sorry, I am Belgian) and it really goes well with the grey sofa. You can see a "little piece" of this association in the first and third pictures here: (the pictures are toned down, but you still can see how the association of colours works well)

And this tone gives a really confy and warm impression to the room.

Inês Pereira @Perfect-home said...

Hello. I think you could keep the white and sew some stripes on it. For example 3 thin stripes in the end (could be grey or bordeau, as Cachou said). Or you can put one stripe in each side of the fabric (from the to to the bottom). That way you would keep it simple, it would match your colors and they will be unique!

I hope you find my idea useful. If you need images to help you send me and e-mail.

Good look with the decoration.


Anonymous said...

I really like the look of an oversized roman style shade. Assuming you're buying new and not working with the white. Like this:

Maybe a large scale checker pattern in neutral tones that go with the sofa?

I think this looks sharp if you want to dress up your current curtains. Just put one wide ribbon around the borders of the curtains:

I've never seen this product in person but it looks kind of cool.

I'm looking forward to seeing what you decide on. I read your blog every day!

decoratica said...

What about a blue&white ikat? Check out kirten's living room here:
If you're working on a budget you can paint the patern yourself with a stecil and plain wall paint. I've never tried but it seems to work!
Hope this helps!

Sylvia said...

You've received some great suggestions. When I saw this post I thought of some nice white tab top curtains I saw at Ikea the other day. They were just exactly like some I used to have, which I loved. They were very reasonably priced-$15.00 or so per panel, I believe.
You could either leave them plain or dress them up. I do like white simply because it is so versatile, and it does add a light, airy feeling to any room.

I just found your blog this morning on pinterest. What a treasure trove of ideas. I'm so excited! Thank you! I'm tweeting your link, since I have some friends who also on an organizing binge.

Catarina Santi said...

white !!
always beautiful and looks clean !!


labibliotecaria said...

Pier One has some really cute curtains on clearance.

Unknown said...

Hi Ashley,
I have visited your site off and on before but got too busy lately to come over. This post got me immediately because I had a similar dilemma last year. I ended up using white in my living room because I didn't want to lose any of the natural light. You can guess that my pick would be the white. Here is a flickr link. Hope it works.

You could do as Ines suggested and add some burgundy accents on the bottom edge. My preference would be to pull in some accent colors from the rug or perhaps do a nice light gray border on white or off white curtains.


Unknown said...

BTW, Mine are sheets from target on clearance.

Abby said...

Bold mustard! Ochre!

Christine said...

I did your drapes on my blog today:

- Christine

Meagan said...

I'm not sure if you would like anything with pattern, but these curtains from World Market came to mind: They are made of voile, which is a sheer, crinkly material. Good luck on your search.


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