Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A stunning modern (and elegant) farm house

This house by Kim Winkler is really unique. Rarely do you see such an amazing blend of dark, luxurious elegance paired with such rustic elements.

This picture has inspired me to maybe paint my bathroom black.... anyone here tried it?


I would never think to pair those chairs with that table, but it works really well imho.

What do you think of this house?
via Trad Home


Chic & Decó said...

La última imagen, con paredes más oscuras y los sofas en blanco junto con algún mueble decapado podrían servir de inspiración para mi hogar. Me guestas todas las imágenes.

Roseanna said...

I absolutely love fact, I have used black trim and windows to great effect in my own home. It is dramatic, elegant and comfortable. She is right, it does show off true color better than white. Her additions of rustic pieces is perfect.
The black grounds everything.

Jakabock said...

I enjoy the black trim... you don't see it used all that often. It is a great contrast to the color of the furniture and walls. Dark color schemes add the warm feeling which I prefer when entering a room. Brightly colored rooms seem to hectic to me. Good Article!

You Don’t Know Jak

Joanna said...

Lovely interior, very chic, cozy and most of all elegant! Cool post, check out also 3D Rendering


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