Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday bedroom bliss

ugh. Monday. For some reason today I especially feel hit by a truck - blaming it on the move, lack of a decent computer chair (any suggestions?), and a mattress much firmer than I'm used too.

Gorgeous.  That antique French bed is to die for.
via Adore Home

via Home Sweet Home

so simple and pretty - I think this is a realistic interpretation of my style.
Casa Diez

clean and simple

elegant and comforting
via 2 above, Desire to Inspire

This is a girl's room but I still love it's preppy sophistication

feminine but without the frills
2 above, Ivy and Piper

so sweet and earthy
via Love Nordic


Diana said...

This mesh and chrome office chair from is really comfortable. I only see it in black now, but they also have it in white sometimes. I've had one of each. The mesh is comfy for your butt and spine and the chair tilts and pivots to follow your movements and stretches. The only bad thing is that the metal arms ding your desk if you let it spin too much (or if you have a toddler like mine who likes to spin it and crash it).

sharmin said...

so many beautiful rooms...thanks for the inspiration!!!

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

Definitely some bedroom bliss.

Katherine @Antweak said...

I adore that French bed also, and the little girls bedroom with the quadrille headboard...I've had it saved in my inspiration file for a few years! Love it all!

Wholesale Flowers said...

great inspiration... I really liked the wall with the frames, it gives a much morre personal touch to a simple hall!! thanks!!


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