Thursday, August 18, 2011

Flower covered cottages tucked away in green mountains...

Sounds like a fairy tale right?'s the Jungfrau region in Switzerland, which I was lucky enough to visit this summer during my 9 week backpacking trip around Europe. The weather wasn't ideal for the few days we were in Jungfrau, but it was still gorgeous. See below...

A view of the town we stayed in - Lauterbrunnen

We started off the morning by taking a cable car up to this hiking path towards Gimmewald, where we hit some early morning traffic...

Gimmelwald is a charming little town. They sell lots of fresh cheeses - and you'll see lots of cute little cheese huts along the way.  The other main occupation is farming.  Farmers raise hay on tiny plots to feed to cows.  It saved itself from development as a ski resort by having it falsely declared an avalanche zone - wikipedia.  Thank goodness for that!

The population is about 130 - and most people have one of three family names: von Allmen, Feuz, or Brunner.

The cable car and a walking path are the only way to get to the town directly.

After Gimmewald we went to Wengen, and from there we took another cable car up to a beautiful hike.

We returned to Lauterbrunnen for dinner, where we witnessed a parade of men ringing huge bells down the street, unfortunately for them it was pouring rain.  Does anyone know anything about this tradition?

Unfortunately pictures just can't do this gorgeous country and these AMAZING mountains any justice, I hope everyone gets a chance to see it...

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Jungfrau region, Switzerland, Part 1

Thanks as always to my boyfriend Chris, who acted as the trip photographer


Laura Trevey said...

These photos are amazing ~ what a wonderful trip you have been able to take and see so many beautiful regions of the world!!

Thanks for sharing these ~ and you are right, I'm sure they don't even come close to being there in person.

Tiffany | Wholesale Flowers Store said...

wonderful photos!!

Linda in AZ * said...

*** Ohhhhh, be STILL my HEART!!! We have BEEN THERE, and DONE THAT (3 times, no less!), and you're right... neither photos nor write-up can possibly describe the TOTAL MAGNIFICENCE found here!!!

Of 18 years spent living & travelling in Europe, SWITZERLAND remains one of my/our verrrrry favvvvvorite places. We've skiied St. Moritz & other glorious places there, met the lovelist people and had the most INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCES almost EVERY minute of each day there!!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing this (!!!)~~~ my heart is actually warmed, and flooding with the most beautiful memories one could be blessed with!!!

Warmest wishes & most sincere thanks,
Linda in AZ *

pascale said...

amazingly beautiful!
Heidi would be living here, I just know it :)


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