Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday bedroom bliss

...cause it's Monday

via Elle Decor

2 images above via Eric Roth

via Lantliv

via Scandinavian Chic

via Love Nordic


katiedid said...

I take a dose of the first and a heap of the last please! Makes me want to get back in my bed this Monday Morning!

the modern sybarite ™ said...

Once again my vote is for the last - shabby chic - bedroom. It reminds me of a summer in Marbella :-) Keep this theme going. I selfishly love to see how my "real" style is often thrown off by other fab styles I never take the time to notice :-)

mydeco said...

Amazing pics pefer the Third pic, love the bold blue and the use of windows for natural light, thanks for sharing these!

danial said...

loving your blog, but why does it take so long to load?

. said...

Bom Diaaa!
Amo decoração e Resolvii montar um bloguinho, sou nova neste mundo!

estou te seguindooo!


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