Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Love handmade? Don't miss these adorable creations..

You are going to love these. For me it was love at first sight. These little knitted plants are too cute - and the mushroom terrariums? *swoon!

via Covet Garden, where I first discovered these gems...

The toadstool terrariums are the work of Holly Procktor. You can visit her blog Holly Handmade to learn more about her creations.

via Holly's photostream

The knit cacti were created by Shannon Gerard, when she tried and failed again and again to grow her own plants - so she decided to make her own!


You can view all of these adorable cacti on her site - Plants you can't Kill


the modern sybarite ™ said...

SUPER cute! Funny how there is always something new to admire.

Luísa said...

Sempre pesquiso maneiras diferentes de criar e inovar na decoração da minha casa e de meus amigos, e achei um Blog perfeito para isso!
Muito bacana seu Blog, virei visitar mais vezes!

Conheça o meu também: http://idasevindasdaminhavida.blogspot.com

Vou te seguir! Depois me segue também…

Diane said...

As creative people we can always admire the works of others. These are very interesting, thanks for sharing.

The wonderful thing about blogland is that you discover things you might never have known existed if it werent for each other. Love it!

Philly said...

I totally love the mushrooms! Quite unique and how nice to have in my car. lol

Kalei said...



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