Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A glam Hollywood Hills home that somehow manages to also feel down to earth

Usually I hear "Hollywood Hills" and it instantly conjures up images in my head of tacky, over the top glamor, or a super-cold modern house. This house by Nate Berkus Associates surprised me though, because it's rustic touches and happy embracing of color keeps it warm and lovely.

Click on each image for a larger, better view - the details are worth it!

Adore the Moroccan rug and striped floors...and the ceiling!

Dream kitchen.  Love the saddle-like stools and the potrack


Love the colors in this dining room.  It's so cozy and intimate

via Nate Berkus Associates


The Old Block House said...

Love the potrack! Now to find a crate that size to use....wait, wait, gotta find a kitchen with space for a potrack first.

Thank you so much for sharing. I'm getting some wonderful ideas from these photos.

gertie @ www.theoldblockhouse.blogspot.com

Boo Hazard said...

I love the all the light fixtures! I love his style - just enough masculinity and great colors - nothing seems too trendy... - BOO

Yvonne said...

What are the kitchen counters made of?

Conspicuous Style Design Blog said...

I love the freestanding tub....it's perfect in there

mydeco said...

The rooms look great! Nice warmth about the place and calming, relaxing colours used throughout also love the accesoories that bring little splashes of colour to the rooms!


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