Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Super cute and charming kitchens...

So not all of these kitchens are tiny cottage nooks, but they aren't the glossy granite and marble monstrosities you'd see in the high-end home decor mags either. Most are modest and give me hope that no matter how small the kitchen in my future rental, I can give it some charm and make it work for me...

Some vintage stools add coziness and floor to ceiling cabinets and creative storage solutions makes this small kitchen clever

via Kitchenisms

The green dishes are too cute

via Kitchenisms

adorable coastal kitchen
via Kitchenisms

would love to have me a proper pot rack one day... this island is amazing too
via Kitchenisms

even a galley kitchen can be beautiful and functional!
via Kitchenisms

...amazing butcher block island
via Kitchenisms

2 more small but pretty kitchens from House to Home


redbrickbuilding said...

I really like the "smallness" of these kitchens too. I find those huge showpiece kitchens that you see in most design magazines incredibly off-putting. So much excess, so much waste: unless perhaps you're a fanatical cook feeding a family of 8 every day. Then, I get it, but for most people if just seems like a status symbol. (I've cooked in 40 seat restaurant kitchens smaller and less well equipped than most of them.) Give me something humble, functional and beautiful over one of those any day.

ashley@decorology said...

@redbrickbuilding: Well put and so true!

Conspicuous Style Design Blog said...

These ARE really cute. I especially love the last one, with the stone wall


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