Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Beautiful bedrooms with their own unique style

Look at enough home and decor mags, and you'll be able to draw up a template for a pretty "designer" bedroom, but to come up with something that's beautiful and truly "yours" is a bigger challenge. These bedrooms really give you a taste of the owner's personality...

Love this mix of eastern, Victorian, and industrial influences.
via Adore Home Mag

With it's yellow bed, green front fireplace, and slate-colored walls, you can imagine it's owner is decisive and confident.
2 images above via Alice in Designland

With wallpaper like this you can't be shy
via Country Living

...love the library in the bedroom...I'm guessing the person who lives here is a bit of a home body and like to curl up with a book

Modern but feminine.  I love this look ...
2 above via Home Sweet Home

Maybe a traveler who has a flair for the eclectic?
via Pinterest

What about your decorating style makes your home unique?


Olaimar Decor said...

Love the white and black contrast. And all those books...Paradise.
Yolanda from Olaimar Decor

meenal@maison marigold said...

beautiful rooms...first one is my favourite..xx meenal

Conspicuous Style Design Blog said...

LOVE the first one! Don't you just love Pinterest?!


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