Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tired of the same old? Home accessories with modern and clever design!

So, I try not to bombard you guys with too much sale info, but some of them I think would be just cruel not to share. If you are into modern unique design, or know someone who is - share this with them...

This very cool stuff is on sale, but you have to sign up before you can shop (don't worry it's free to sign up) I have an invite link for you...

Zipper teacups!

This "can" is a fully functional, reusable, dangerous-chemical -free water bottle!

animal shot glasses..

"peaceful" bomb vase

lightweight, but beautiful pin-up picture frames

I really want one of these mirrors...great to put by the door to get a final look at yourself, and it can hold your keys, phone, etc.

These "vases" slip over a wine bottle to make it more beautiful

Love this vase

ninja star magnets

cool stuff right?


Boo said...

I love that pin up frame! Lots of cool stuff!

Bringing Pretty Back said...

OH MY GOSH! Where did you find ALL of this cool cool cool stuff? I want every single thing! ANd I see about 5 Christmas gifts! THANK YOU!
Have a pretty day!

redbrickbuilding said...

Yeah, really fun. I like the idea of the teacups and the bud vase.

Mae said...

lol I love the zipper teacups and the shoe!! Oh-my :D


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