Tuesday, May 31, 2011

House Tour: A Copenhagen Beauty

Love this space

The color of the china cabinet is perfect to add some interest to the space. 

Two images above show the entryway.  The owners have used mismatched chairs in lieu of a console.

Great idea to remember - oversized prints hanging side by side in the hall

Perfect desk - plenty of surface area to spread out inspiration

LoVe that chair and the gorgeous view!

I don't think I could ever do orange in my bedroom, but this wallpaper is beautiful. I could do it in my home office I think - as orange is supposed to boost creativity.

I am a magazine hoarder, because I've found that sometimes I'll flip through a magazine from a year ago and something will catch my eye that didn't the first time I looked through it. So perusing last summer's magazine is sometimes like opening a brand new magazine. This bookshelf has the perfect sized cubbies to store mags.

All images © Richard Powers


meenal @ maison marigold said...

its a beautiful house..and what about all that art everywhere?? simply stunning!! i like what you say at the end about flipping through old magazines and finding something you didn't see before..happens to me all the time..my post today is infact about a house that was featured over 3 years ago..and how i keep going back to it..do check it out when you have a moment..have a lovely day..xx meenal

Jill Seidner | Interior Design said...

Beautiful space! Especially love the dining room. (And agree about magazines, I have mine saved from year's ago and always great to look back for a refresher - or even to notice something may have overlooked before!) Thanks for sharing!

A Casa da VĂ¡ said...

Wow love that bathroom!
I collect old magazines, sometimes they are the best inspiration...

Hugs & kisses from Rio!

Conspicuous Style Design Blog said...

LOVE the plum and orange accents...they really liven it up.

Lindsey said...

I love the simple crispness of these interiors. The pops of color and statement accessories lend a perfect balance against the clean whites.


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