Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Entryways and staircases - basics that should not be ignored

Staircases and entryways are something most of us have in our homes yet so many people overlook them when decorating their home. If you are one of them, or are just bored with yours, hopefully you'll find some inspiration below...

Okay, so really I just love the dog bringing the watering can...so cute!!

It must be so wonderful to open the door at the end of the day to this large, sparse entry.

The wall paper is a bit much for me, but the architecture of the stairs is beautiful, and the painted underside is interesting as well

I like over-sized round tables in foyers.

What do you think?
via Eric Roth Photography


Barbara@HausDesign said...

I agree - so often ignored but entries and stairways can be so beautiful! I especially loved the winding staircases...beautiful!

Boo Hazard said...

Love the spiral staircase with the continuous banister from floor to floor!! Gorgeous!

And thank you for adding my little blog to your roll!! :) - BOO

Hannah said...

I LOVE the doors in the 3rd picture. A great way to add interest to an often neglected area.

Suzi said...

Oh how I love the stairs! My husband builds beautiful curved stairs for a living and I have always longed for a two storey house so I can have one of my own.

Kristen said...

Mmmm, gorgeous. I'm in love with the curved staircase with the crazy wallpaper behind it. Thank you for the inspiration. :)

henzy said...

wow.. gorgeous rooms.. I love the mudroom.. it's looks so fun


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