Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Simply stunning: Gorgeous white interiors

These speak for themselves. Do I need a reason to post these lovely rooms?

So pretty. via BHG

White walls with a dark floor always looks super chic
via The Nest

Does anyone have or know anyone with white floors? They look gorgeous but how do they wear?
via Kitchen Details and Design

Oh to have a craft room!

Okay, so the wall is gray - but you get the same clean effect as with white
via Country Living

via ChicDeco

via Eric Roth Photography


MarySue said...

Stunning is right. I'm painting my kitchen cabinets white next week. Picking the right white is not easy.

new-girl-on-the-blog said...

Ι ΄m amazed!

Philigry said...

they all look so stunning!
we had white floors in our bathroom in our first house. Loved, loved them! They do yellow a bit, but we never put a clear coat on them so that might help. You can see a bit more "stuff" but nothing too bad. We are going to do it in our masterbedroom as soon as we get hardwood floors in there.

Neena @ Practical Decorating Ideas said...

Oh how I love the whites. Fortunately, with four kids in the house - I also have a soft side for bright, darker colors as well!

Grace In Full Measure said...

Lovely white spaces! :-)

Shandell's said...

Love the use of orange with the white.

huismus said...

I love your blog!! Since I found out about it, I'm checking it every day for more inspiration!

I have white wooden floors in my current house, did it myself with a (cheap) paint, 1 base layer and 2lacquer(?) layers, doesn't "yellow" in my case but scratches do appear after a while when you wear shoes, so at my place it's comfy socks and no shoes!
Probably right if you would use a strong highly scratch resistant clear coat, (and more expensive paint) you wouldn't have the problem of scrathing and discoloring..

Painting the floors white is an easy change you can do yourself (if you have wooden floors that is) and it has such a brilliant result! I would recommend it to everyone! Lightens up the whole room. Love it.

thanks for your great blog, I'll keep following!

Warm greetings from the Netherlands

Ashley White Design said...

Yummmm! I LOVE the walk-in closet you showed. I recently came across another picture of a walk in where they just added some simple curtains and took off the door. What a difference it made!! It really gave that "dressing room" feel... and what girl doesn't want that?!

id homes said...

such beautiful rooms. I especially love the image with the trunks. i have a few similar but would love to collect a few more to recreate a similar look.

Anonymous said...

I have had white wood floors for over 30 years. If they're done the right way, you will have no problem. I had them refinished again three years ago because of renovation in the house that damaged parts of the floor.
I raised two children in this house and there have been many parties here........the floor doesn't scratch and it hasn't yellowed, either.
The oak was sanded down to an unfinished state, stained with white stain and then finished with a non-yellowing polyurethane.......three coats.
We don't have people take their shoes off, so the floors have stood the test of time. They're easy to maintain.


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