Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Minimal but not cold - gorgeous Scandinavian spaces

Today is a hectic day, and these spaces just emanate calm and order. However, like some spaces that are super orderly and clean, these still have warmth to them. What do you think?

That green is just the right value to compliment the wood tone but not compete with the black.

Love the coffee table

I'm usually not a fan of "stripes" or other painted graphics, but in the hall like this is doesn't seem trendy to me. Notice how it goes up the molding? It's like the owner's personal little gallery space.

image via KML Design


MarySue said...

I appreciated and NEEDED this calming inspiration. Thank you and happy day wishes.

Karena said...

very nice images and I agree I love the black paint taken up to cover the molding.

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Art by Karena

lisaroyhandbags said...

I just love these calm spaces. I wish my surfaces could stay so cleared of stuff! :)

LWW said...

The juxtaposition of clean lines with distressed pieces is what I love about this design.


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