Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A great coupon code for pet owners and readers of Decorology

The super nice folks at DenHaus are offering a super generous discount on BowHaus pet crates. Just use promo code DECOR2011. It’s for $100 off the BowHaus. This promo will expire 2-weeks from today so don't drag your feet on this one. You can start shopping at the site - DenHaus

About the product:
Dogs naturally like to "den-up," and their den is a safe haven for them and a place where they can achieve a little much-needed privacy from time to time. However, most families end up putting crates in laundry rooms, basements, or garages, because they usually aren't the most attractive piece in the house. However, a little Seattle company called DenHaus has decided to do something about this issue. DenHaus offers a line of crates that your pet will feel comfortable and safe in, and that you will love the look of! You can opt for something more traditional, the "TownHaus," or something more modern, the "ZenHaus." You can also pick between different sizes and colors.


Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful but I can see terrible things happening when my dog jumps up with a glass of red wine on the table/dog bed!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, actually I own one of these beautiful dens and I actually keep my favorite vase of flowers on top and they have never even moved when my lab mix 55lb dog runs in and out. I even have my Friday night martini sitting it on top while he is in there! They are VERY sturdy.

Lila said...

Sad for me, my doggy died a couple of years ago. But, I do like the furniture pieces with a little hole cut out for a pet!
Lila Ferraro

Carol@TheDesignPages said...

Those are gorgeous. Bravo for finally making a dog crate/bed that fits in with the decor of a home.


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