Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Gorgeous but small bedrooms that are creative with space

So, reader Kaylee propositioned me with a request to round up some tips and tricks for making a small bedroom work. So, hopefully, I've found something that can inspire everyone in someway - even if you have a big bedroom!

To save precious space in this bedroom, the TV has been mounted on a pivoting arm, and a shelf has been mounted above the radiator for plants.

For this SUPER small bedroom, a shelf has been mounted by the bed since there was no space for a nightstand.

An unusually shaped bedroom is pulled together with a matching pair of nightstand, and the projector is mounted above the bed.

Love big color but afraid it will make your small room look smaller? Try it out by painting just one wall - ideally behind your bed (usually the focal point of a bedroom). I love this turquoise wall in this tiny bedroom.

The upholstered white bench actually serves as pretty storage as the top opens as a chest. A small night stand and lamp gives you storage but still fits in the space

Another creative use of a small space. A narrow but tall dresser is vertical storage and a TV stand, and dog beds go under the bench. No dogs? Get some rectangular baskets to slide under the bench or bed for storage.

This is a studio apartment but this bed is a perfect example of clever storage. I also like the clever arrangement of framed photos behind it.

Isn't the tiny chandelier adorable? And the wide windowsill is used as a surface.

via Apartment Therapy

Another bed with lots of storage items. I don't know if the dresser at the end of the bed is a footboard or an actual dresser - but it's a unique storage solution.

Instead of a traditional headboard - a tall and narrow console can act as a headboard visually but provide space for lamps, books, and other smallish items.

via Schibsted Forlag


April Robinson said...

These are a dream. I especially like the large white bed with all the drawers. Would it make the room look smaller if it was a natural wood color?

The Flooring Wholesalers Daughter

Neena @ Practical Decorating Ideas said...

What a nice selection.

I always come across gorgeous pictures of large bedrooms. Which is great - if you have a large bedroom.

It is much harder to find suggestions for small spaces.

Thank you for the ideas!

My Casa Bella said...

There is something about small bedrooms that are cozy and welcoming. I for one love a small MBR. We have that now and its intimate, large bedrooms where you can almost do cartwheels in are not for me....:)

Shelbey said...


that's my apartment! the one with the tiny chandelier! i randomly came across your website and was so excited to see my bedroom here! wow! thanks for the feature :)

ashley@decorology said...

@Shelbey - Awesome! So glad you found Decorology :) Great job on the room - it's so serene and pretty!

smallangryasian said...

OOH! Where did you find the tiny chandelier? I have been looking for something exactly like that!

Jeannine said...

Any idea where that bed with the dresser/footboard came from? It's probably a custom piece but it'd be PERFECT for me. If it's available anywhere I'd love to know about it! Thanks :)

ashley@decorology said...

@Jeannine - The picture is from this article, in a Norwegian magazine. I know it's custom made, but it's the only info/pic I could find.

Le Trung Thanh said...

I want to redesign my apartment.
I found some ideas in http://www.homedesignlove.com
but this is the article I really expected

Brooke Roberts said...

Do you know the name or brand of the dark sage green paint in the picture right under "For this SUPER small bedroom, a shelf has been mounted by the bed since there was no space for a nightstand." The room with the light blue head board, black/brown and white duvet, and red side table. I'd love to paint my room that exact color! Thanks.


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