Monday, February 28, 2011

A house in gorgeous warm whites filled with vintage treasures

I've had this house tour for a while and have been anxious to share it with you. This is the home of Marcia Nelson, who you could probably guess from her marvelous collections not only collects antiques, but owns an antique shop.

I LOVE vintage suitcases

Great desk

"Marcia Nelson's 1868 house is a repository of collections, neutral in palette but not in passion."

I adore white pottery as well.

What do you think?

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Gypsy Heart said...

It really is beautiful but I couldn't live in it. I have to have color...lots of it!

joodieg said...


chikkaboom said...

I am in LOVE with those suitcases!!!! I am addicted to vintage suitcases!

Suzanne Vachon said...

I love Marcia Nelson's home, it has history and a warm feeling of life and we cannot be mistaken, somebody lives in this house....

Thanks for your great posts, I also enjoyed Cinque Terre, as I went there on my Honeymoon.

All the best to you


Marilyn @ Interior Design Houston said...

What a bright and beautiful home.

LL said...

Beautiful & serene. If I ever get a cottage, guest house or even sun room, I'm going to go for this color pallete. I love pops of color but there is something to be said about these soft monochromatic tones which soothes the soul. Love vintage luggage too! Your post inspires me to do a white wash on some for sure.
Tx for all the eye candy shared.
Love your blog!!!


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