Thursday, January 27, 2011

sweet, sweet sleep - in a beautiful bedroom

Here in Maryland we had a blizzard that left over a foot of snow in a matter of hours. Yuck. The gloom outside makes it so hard to get up in the morning. I just want to sleep and not wake until i can look out the window and the weather be sunny and in the 70s all week. Agree?

so simple and pretty

I'm loving the deep hues being used only in the bedding - it makes the room super versatile.

Great home office - and great bedroom - but I'd be too tempted to take naps with my bed so close to my desk.

via Casa Diez


jja said...

Great blog and great photos!
Greetings from Germany!

wideopenspaces said...

that top bedroom is so charming and soothing. dream guest room right there.

Black Zebra said...

I totally agree! Here in London it is freezing cold and for some reason I have been on location more this week! Great post:-)

Garden Forum said...

Simple but attractive beddings.
Impressive room.

Liz said...

I too would be nervous to have a desk so close to my bed but the design is fantastic!

Jen said...

Love the bedroom in the 2nd picture with all the warm orange hues -- very pretty

Carol Carneiro said...

Hi, I love your blog and everything that you post here!One day I read about your blog on a magazine "Casa Claudia". Sorry, I'm brazylian and I dont'n practice my english.Kiss: Carol ( )


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