Friday, January 7, 2011

An art nouveau dream - the whimsical and nature inspired Barcelona home designed by Gaudi

Possibly Gaudi's most beautiful masterpiece, the Casa Batlló was one of the highlights of my 9 week European trip this summer. Once you see these pictures you'll see why.

The exterior. The locals call it the "house of bones" because it's organic, skeletal appearance.
Read more about the house here on Wikipedia.

The amazing staircase on the ground floor that leads you up to the main parlor and other floors

the top of the staircase

The front parlor and it's gallery windows is one of the most impressive house features.

The ceiling of the parlor is also beautiful

The parlor as it appeared when the Batlló family lived in the house

Gaudi thought out EVERY little detail and in every little detail drew inspiration from nature. Check out the organic shaped sliding wood ventilation panels in the door.

This fireplace has a two-seat bench at one end, and a one-seat bench on another, which is where a chaperone could sit and mind a young couple cozying up by the fire.

The dining room as it appeared

The center of the house is open and acts as a giant skylight and spreads light throughout the home. The tiles create a gradient - the bottom floors have the lightest blue tile, to reflect light, and the top floors have the darkest blue tile, to absorb more light.

One of the split level staircases

The attic floor was my favorite. It was white and everything was organically shaped. The arches were like a giant ribcage.

I loved the window frames and shutters

A detail of the window

The mosaic and tile roof is also amazing

Isn't the wall treatment that was used throughout the house beautiful?

You can also take a virtual tour at the official Casa Batllo website.


Jamie said...

wow gorgeous! Gaudi's work was one of my favorite things to see when I visited BCN back in high school. Park Guell is also a wonderland, I felt like there must have been fairies hiding in all the bushes lol!

UnPocoLoco said...

I'll move to Barcelona in February!

Thanks for the pics of Casa Batlló - now I'm looking forward to Barcelona even more! :-)
Have you been to Casa Mila too?

Silvia {enmiespaciovital} said...

I am spanish and love all Gaudi's buildings and designs. Not only in Barcelona, there are lots of places where you can find his wonderful creations.
Nice post. Best wishes from Spain.

kristina said...

Oh, i love Gaudi's work, it's so full of wonders. Thank you for reminding me of Casa Batlló.


ChicDecó said...

It's a master-piece, isn't it? A beautiful house in a beautiful city. Us Spaniards, we are very proud of Gaudi's work. He created spaces to dream.

Saludos desde ChicDecó.

Aubrey said...

What a cool place...this is going to sound totally strange, but that swirled ceiling must be where they got the inspiration for the Casper movie...I've always *LOVED* the house that the ghosts lived in and it totally reminds me of this place! See? I told you it was strange...(c:

Chaz said...

I am a huge fan of Ar Nouveau and this place is magnificent! I now have to add Barcelona to my list of places we have to visit! Thank you so much for the post!

- Chaz -
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