Monday, December 20, 2010

Glamorous Holiday inspiration you haven't seen before

Well, I hope you haven't seen some of these yet! Of course I love the white and cream backdrop, but these holiday decorating ideas are great too...

it looks like maybe the garland is a white feather boa - cute huh?

I'm not into binge decorating, I like small charming touches - like these lit branches on the table

The socks on the radiator are too cute

Notice the ornaments hung from the chandelier with ribbon. We do the exact same thing but from the curtain rods

A "warm" white can be hard to pull off but I think this is lovely

The tree you see in the image above this one is put up on a table - good idea!

via House and Home


Jennifer said...

I've never thought of overdecorating as "binge decorating" before... but this makes perfect sense! I was just griping this morning about not having cool decorations for all over the home like so many others do... but do I really want that? I don't want my home to look like santa exploded everywhere... I think the minimalist approach is a great idea =)

simple and chic <3

Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

A Casa da VĂ¡ said...

And that is a chic christmas!

Rachel Wilkerson said...

I love white and cream too...this is all so gorgeous and chic! I love the boa garland and the branches centerpiece!


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