Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Chic, Glamorous, Gorgeous - Don't miss these two houses

Keeping up with a blog on a daily basis is tough. But when I see pics like these - along with the amazing and kind feedback I get from readers - it keeps me motivated! Enjoy!

These images below feature the handiwork of Lee Kleinhelter from Pieces

GREAT headboard

Some must-reads from Lee

I like the contrast of the sleek white console and the rough natural texture of the cork lamps

Eames and Hermes - you can't go wrong with two timeless classics. Notice how she painted the trim a slightly darker white than the walls?

The home below is from a Lonny Mag staff member, Ellie Somerville

Great wallpaper! Great Rothko too :)

A good use of space here- Ellie made a home office in her bedroom. The desk can also double as a nightstand.

via Lonny Mag


Jill Seidner | Interior Design said...

Loving all these images - especially both the headboards!

Anonymous said...

All very pretty. I really love the second image with that gorgeous mirror and console...

Katie said...

The second last picture is soooo pretty! Is that a mirror under the perfume bottles? What a neat idea!


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