Thursday, November 4, 2010

Two amazing Spanish cities - Bilbao and San Sebastian

More pics from my summer in Europe! I need to pick up the pace a bit as I'm still not through the first country we saw. So today I'm showing you two cities - Bilbao, the capital of Basque Country and home to the famous Guggenheim, and San Sebastian, a resort like city with a great beach - especially for a city!

First, Bilbao -

The iconic Guggenheim

Sweetums and I under a sculpture outside the Guggenheim

Koons's adorable "Puppy" in front of the Guggenheim

We got to Bilbao late in the afternoon, so unfortunately we don't have too many photos

Now - San Sebastian

The above photos are all from a hill you hike to the top of. It has an old fort that offers great city views.

From the beach side

On the beach - which was so clean and pretty for being in a city.

Hope you enjoyed!


Jamie Herzlinger said...

How rocked the photos! some of thee best architecture to boast in this world!! thanks for being spot on!
jamie Herzlinger

ToneF said...

Love those gorgeous photos!!! I looove San Sebastian, it is one of my favourite places, it is just so beautiful :o)

Sofie from said...

ow! louise bourgeois' spider... amazing!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I've been reading your blog for a while and was impressed that you came to my country and visited my hometown Bilbao! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures! I hope you had a great time and I can tell by the photos that you were blessed with a beautiful weather! XXX

bootcamp said...

Outstanding pic. I love the "Koons's adorable "Puppy" in front of the Guggenheim", I hope I will be able to see it in person!


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