Friday, November 26, 2010

HUGE designer discounts at ideeli's black sale

As usual, you gotta run to this one cause it sells out fast. They've got shoes, jewelry, bags, outerwear, knits, denim, dresses, classics like Calvin Klein, designers like Dolce and Gabbana. You're free membership is just a click away (it's fast to sign up, too) -

There is also a big designer discount sale at members -only shopping site RueLaLa, which I have an invite link for you to join (free) -, and at designer discount shopping site Gilt - you also need an invite link, which I have for you here.

Tons of great gifts without trying to find a parking space!

I have this jacket and love it! I always get compliments

I'm seriously considering this coat - wool and only $89!

Here's you membership link again.


Sofie from said...

really love the dress with grey/black print. thanks for sharing!

100 Applegate said...

Great Looks!! I need something new and fab!! Best, Connie

Heather said...

Love all of this fashion!! Great eye for style.


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