Monday, November 15, 2010

Have problems picking color - take this quiz. It got me spot on!

I get a lot of requests from readers trying to discover "their style" when it comes to interior decorating. There could literally be, and probably are, books written on the subject, so this post will only cover one part of "style." That part is a paramount one however - color.

Color can create the mood of a room like no other decorating element, which is why it's such a matter of anxiety for homeowners and decorators alike. Well, I think I've found a quiz that is exceptionally thorough and thoughtful in determining your color style - it was amazingly accurate in it's choice of mine! The quiz is from PPG Pittsburgh Paint’s Voice of Color, and called the "Color Sense Game." It's good to nail down your true color style because undoubtedly trends will come along that might tempt you, but in the long run it might be more cost/time efficient to choose a palette that you will always like.

Here are just a few of the questions -
Choosing your ideal image of "home"
Choose your fav decorating accessory

Choose words that are inspiring

Your color affinities

Your desires from a space

There are even song clips you listen to and choose the one that you like best - it's pretty cool.

Can anyone guess the palette the quiz choose for me? If you guessed white, you're right! Through and through I am drawn to white interiors. Here is there description of the "white" environment.
"Pure, clean white is ideal in a room with great light and lots of windows. Suitable for southern climates and ocean views, it is often cool or blue-white, and it has the most reflective power."

Some of my favorite white spaces:

via Kitchen Details and Design

via Ochs Design

via Fjeldborg

They also give you a secondary palette, which for me was also spot-on - "Water Beads." Which is comprised of blues. There description is, "The soothing colors of the Water Beads Harmony Collection suit any room where creating calm is essential. In the bathroom, the ocean hues suggest a fresh morning breeze; in layered pastels, they bathe generations of newborns in a soft, protective shell. Because of the serenity it creates, try blue in a screened-in porch, solarium or even your home office. Pair it with stimulating yellows or oranges to balance the relaxing effect."
Some of my favorite blue inspirations -
via House Beautiful

via Elle Decor

via LivingEtc.

I'm always trying to achieve ultimate serenity and relaxation in my space, so the quiz's results were very accurate. Give it a try at the Voice of Color site. Leave a comment and let me know what your results were!


Jamie said...

i got Almonds and Honey, based primarily in yellow. that is amazing, yellow is my favorite color!

Laura said...

What a great quiz! I got "Tapestry and Mosaic" with a secondary of "Leather Wood Stone"...which is pretty much spot-on. How cool! Thanks for sharing that :)

poindextr said...

very interesting. for me, it was whites (1) blues (2).

April from said...

Oh I needed this. I've been so indecisive when it comes to picking colors.
In case you're interested we're giving away a $25 Home Depot giftcard this week.

lil Me said...

That was a great quiz!
I am"Pop Art" and "Al Fresco"
Most of my house is painted Al Fresco colors too!

Hellebore & Hawke said...

I found this game very interesting as it seems to capture my two sides: I got Tapestry & Mosaic (rich palette) and White Spaces (calm & clean).

I was initially surprised with my primary as I am not a 'jewel tone' person but the actual colours suggested were very much what I might choose.

Laura said...

I am Pop Art with a side of calm.

Carissa @ the Fabulous Design File said...

I was pop art with tapestry and mosaic. Fun quiz!

Mona Thompson said...

I love your white inspirations. I'm always drawn to those images on the web, yet my home is full of warm colors and I love it. Figure that?

Isabell said...

i got Tapestry & Mosaic and Leather Wood and Stone for Secondary. I guess this is pretty accurate as I love Indian and Moroccan food and decor. however, i'm partial to a modern 'cool' interior as well. Leather Wood and Stone are totally me.

Liz - Sconce said...

Really cool series of questions on that site......forced me to think about things that I wouldn't normally consider. Good stuff!


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