Thursday, October 21, 2010

SUPER Glamourous French and Shabby Chic furniture

You'll love this shop I'm sure - Sweetpea and Willow, in Ireland and London, has so many gorgeous things I could furnish my whole house with their stuff!

Okay - this bed. I LOVE that the opulent white wash frame is paired with a modest gray linen. Seriously I might have to get this bed one day.

Isn't this the cutest chair?

What do you think? Think you could find a thing or two you like?
See more at Sweetpea and Willow


Maisonette said...

That bed is to die for. It's my dream bed. So perfect!

Chrissa said...

I am DYING Ashley...just DYING.

Love it so much. All of it.

Jenn Baron said...

OMG those are the coolest furniture pieces!! I heart them all! Thanks for sharing! :)

cynthia said...

Breathtaking - I am especially fond of the ceiling in picture number 2. Love the color palette in each photograph. Another beautiful selection - thank you so much for sharing.


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