Tuesday, October 12, 2010

If you love a beautiful beach you'll love this post

More pictures from my Europe trip! These are still from our first week in Galicia, Spain.
The first few are from Santiago de Compostela, famous for it's lichen covered cathedral and the hordes of pilgrims that arrive to the site via the Way of Saint James.

You can see a bigger version of each image just by clicking on them.

The amazing cathedral is the main attraction of Santiago de Compostela.

I hadn't ever seen a cathedral so covered in moss and lichen, it made the building even more interesting and steeped in history.

The other side of the cathedral.

The interior of the Cathedral. The interior wasn't any different than most Roman Catholic interiors of the time. What's really cool is the censer - see it hanging from the rope? It's now only brought out for high days - but one of it's original uses was to help mask the smell from hundreds of unwashed pilgrims. It's the largest of it's kind in the world.

An entrance to a charming garden cafe where we enjoyed a cafe con leche after touring the cathedral.

This map shows Santiago de Compostela on the coast, and the Camino de Santiago (Way of St. James)
Read more about Santiago de Compostela and the Way of Saint James.
map via World Nomads

Now for those gorgeous beaches! On our way from Santiago de Compostela to Oveido to drop off our rental car, we stopped by some of the most beautiful, remote beaches in the country. They were simply gorgeous. See for yourself -

Can you imagine living in that house at the bottom right?

Beautiful beach two -

Isn't it stunning?

You can tell how off the beaten path this is just by looking at the "Vehicle Exit" sign.

Looking at pictures from this beach always makes me think of Maxfield Parrish's "Ecstasy"
via Print Mag

Thanks to my sweetums for taking all these gorgeous pictures


Anonymous said...

Thank you! So beautiful, I think a new couch will have to wait. I'd rather travel instead!

MochaSarah said...

Beautiful pictures - especially the last dramatic image of the coastline. Spain is one of my favourite countries. Have never been to the north / Santiago de Compostela though. Looks like I'll need to add it to the list ...

Radostina ♥ 79ideas.org ♥ said...

Love your post. I have never been in North Spain but now I know that I will go there. One day. Thank you.


Soo beautiful my city!! Thanks for sharing!!

Shandy said...

Stunningly beautiful pictures! The Cathedral looks amazing. Spain is definitely on my top ten countries to visit!


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