Monday, October 18, 2010

A home that will truly brighten your day

I found the home of this talented lady on Flickr, and I just can't get enough. She lives in Malaysia with her sons and husband - and is obviously a very talented cook and decorator. Enjoy!

I really like this mirror. Vivaterra has a similar one from recycled boat wood.

One always needs plenty of space for books

Adore this work space

via Flickr: Miel Bakes/Madhu. All photos © All Rights Reserved Madhu


csillagvirag said...

I absolutely love her home! Thank you for "brightening my day".


poindextr said...

I love those blue tiles in the kitchen, and isn't that little cupcake print the most adorable thing ever?

Johanna said...

So charming! Thanks for sharing

Mona Thompson said...

Fresh and inviting! She is very talented. Thanks for sharing. Mona

noemozica said...

too much ikea stuff... but charming, I must say!! ^_^

Gabi said...

So lovely!!!
Since she lives in Malaysia, I might well do the same here in Brazil, so we would have one on each side of the world! kkk
Just kidding!!

Thanks for the great images!!

madhu said...

Thank you Ashley!!
Go on Gabi ;-)

Drew, pool installation said...

I really admire the work place - full of light even thought it's not facing the window. I also like that the furniture is white including the work desk, it doesn't make it so dramatically official, looks more relaxed and casual.


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