Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A great giveaway - especially for the changing season

I have a really great giveaway for you guys this week - a free window shade. It may sound a bit of an odd thing to giveaway but these shades are different because they are super, super easy to install. I can say this from first hand experience - also that the quality is first rate.

All I had to do was enter the width of the window in which I was going to install the shade, pick between white and blackout, and then wait for it to be shipped! The lucky window is one that is above the kitchen sink in the in law apartment. For some reason, all the other windows in the apartment had shades except this one.

The pictures below illustrate my process:

the window

the shade comes with an extra spacer if your shade is just a tad bit small, to extra adhesive ends, and a clear clasp for holding up the shade.

I prepped the window by cleaning the surface where the shade would be installed, and tested that the shade fit, which it did.

I peeled off the film from the adhesives. What's hard to show here is that the shade actually has a spring lock mechanism, which you press in while installing the shade and then release after the shade is in place. It aids the adhesives in keeping the shade in place. I followed the instructions provided and it all worked as promised.

To see what I mean about the spring lock - watch how quick and easy the installation is

Voila! The shade is installed. No drills, screws, hammers, holes, nails... you name it.

Close up.

This view is from the top. One of the things I really like about the shade is that there are no strings - you just pull the shade down to the length you want and then pull down and release quickly and the shade goes back up.

So how do you enter to win? Just leave a comment on this post saying what window in your home could really use a new shade, or email me at ashley[at]decorologyblog[dot]com .

Your window must meet these requirements:

Simple Fit Custom Shades

• install only inside a window frame.
• Select a window that includes a frame with a minimum depth of 2 inches.
• Minimum width of 19 inches.
• Maximum width of 64 inches.
• Maximum length of 72 inches.

If you want to read/see more about the shades go to Simple Fit

Best of luck to everyone! Entry to the giveaway closes Tuesday, October 12th at 5PM EST. A winner will be selected by a random draw.


Jess said...

Oh, this would be awesome. We desperately need a new shade for the window in the nursery we're putting together for our son, due in January. This would be perfect for that.

Caroline said...

I've been needing to buy a new shade for my bedroom. The one that I have up has seen better days. Thanks for the chance to win!


Krista said...

I would put it right where you did, above my kitchen sink for a little added privacy. As well as added insulation for the cold winter ahead in my new-to-me very old home.

carole said...

I would like this shade for my dining room!

Maghanoy said...

V Cool. Would love. Kitchen sink window is burning our retinas.

beadweaver said...

I would really love to try these out.

Gen said...

the window that would need a shade the most is the one that is the back of my bed. the window is 84 inches wide and looks down into my backyard. not only that, but the sun shines down into my eyes in the morning when i`m still trying to sleep. this shade would be AWESOME!

Cathy W said...

I could use one for my computer room, it really gets the afternoon sun!

Vickie H. said...

Oh MY! that odd little window in my utility room which has stayed bare while I decided how to dress it! Now I think I know!!

jess & stacia said...

I just bought a house and could use a shade just about on every window! Thanks for the chance to win.

lil Me said...

I would love to upgrade my dingy not-so-white anymore blinds in my bedroom!!

Anonymous said...

See you have another neat give-away, and, as it so happens, I can really use a new shade on

my living room window which faces the road.

I love light, airy, see through curtains on my windows – and we have such a lovely view (horses across the road, neat), but in the evening, those light, airy curtains do not give us much privacy you see our couch faces the window! I really hate to put heavier curtains up cause I love the ones I have, so a shade which can be pulled down in the evening would be perfect. I actually didn’t even think of it till I saw this give-away!



Anonymous said...

that shade is amazing I am going to have to tell my husband about that. Did you know Levolor has a shade that is a room darkening shade as well as light filtering. It does both and Lowes has a demonstration video at their site, amazing! Sometimes you want both! Suzy

Anonymous said...

I would love to install the shade on my front door. We have a window that faces the street and people can look in. This would be the perfect shade for us.Thanks for the post!



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